8, 15 & 30 yard roll offs

8, 15 & 30 yard [roll offs]

8 yard roll off - dimensions are approximately 2.6’ (h) x 8’ (w) x 12 (l)

15 yard roll off - dimensions are approximately 4’ (h) x 4.5’ (w) x 14’ (l)

30 yard roll off – dimensions are approximately 6’ (h) x 7.5’ (w) x 20 ‘ (l)

15 & 30yds roll offs have a door that opens to allow you to walk large items in.

All contents must fit inside the roll off as they need to be tarped for transport.

Roll off pricing has 3 parts

  • Pull charge - based on distance
  • Price per ton - based off landfill/transfer station used.
  • Per day rental

Please call our office for pricing or to schedule delivery.

Wastes NOT accepted in dumpsters or roll offs…

  1. Wastes determined to be hazardous by Iowa Administrative Code.
  2. Sewage sludge, including unstabilized septic tank pumpings.
  3. Industrial wastes not approved for acceptance by the IDNR.
  4. Infectious wastes, unless approved by the IDNR.
  5. Asbestos, acids, poisons, caustics, pesticides, herbicides.
  6. Used oil or used oil filters including gas cans
  7. Radioactive wastes
  8. Free liquids or wastes containing free liquids
  9. Animal manure or dead animals
  10. Wastes containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
  11. Waste that could spontaneously combust or could ignite other wastes due to temperatures
  12. Tire, lead acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries
  13. Trees or yard waste
  14. Motorized vehicles, machinery, wire, large rocks or concrete
  15. Major household appliances
  16. Paint products
  17. Electronics such as computers, monitors, copy machines, fax machines, tvs, etc.
  18. Florescent Bulbs

Dump It will dispose of some of the unaccepted items listed above, such as computers, tvs, appliances, & florescent bulbs for an additional fee. These items can NOT be placed in the dumpster or roll off. They need to be beside the container. Please contact our office to inquire.

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